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Game Concept

in House of Borgia the pope has just met his untimely demise. You, as a fledgling cardinal who has been vying to be the next pope knows that your shady way of getting things done does not set well with the Conclave. In order to remedy this situation, you decide to do the next best thing; be the next pope’s advisor so you will be the one pulling the strings.

It is your job to manipulate the Conclave with bribes, poison, nasty rumors, and other dastardly actions. But, be careful. If someone deduces which Cardinal you are supporting, it will be impossible for you to win.

In this dice rolling, hidden role game, It will take a church full of skill, bluffing, and deceit to push your Cardinal’s favorable alignment without getting caught. Will you be the one to fool all the others and end up on top? Or will your shady ways lead to your demise?