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King's Champion

We are overwhelmed by the amount of people that have shown an interest in our Print N Play prototype of our upcoming two player game, Kings Champion. We are excited to get our jousting game into as many hands as possible to help play test it. We want this to be one of the most thematic and exciting two player games you've ever played!

We are working on a couple of tweaks that we found within our in house playtesting group, then we will be ready to share the files with people soon.

House of Borgia
The House of Borgia print n play files with all the final art and graphic design has been delivered to all backers who have pledged for the print n play rewards level or higher.

All of the files are at Panda and have been given the green light to move into production. We can't wait to see the final product and share it with you!

Speaking of House of Borgia, we are going to hold a raffle for two sets of the six custom cups as a thank you for your support! These are the same cups that will be in the Customary Box Rewards. There will be one set of six red cups and one set of six purple cups!

All House of Borgia backers arre already entered into the giveaway. As a subscriber to this newsletter, you have earned an extra entry into the drawing!

We will announce the winners in the next newsletter, as well in the next House of Borgia Update!