King's Champion!
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King's Champion on Kickstarter!

We're excited to announce our latest project, King's Champion, is now live on Kickstarter! Over the last three years, King's Champion has taken many forms from a simple dice roller, to adding set collection elements, and other mechanisms, to removing them, and adding in worker placement, dice allocation, and hand management mechanisms to bring this Euro hybrid to life. After many playtests across the country at conventions such as Unpub, and Unpub minis, we finally feel the game is refined and ready to be unleashed upon the gaming world!

Choose Your Knights

Choose your knights to fill your household to compete for the prestige declaration of being called the King's Champion! Each knight will come with their own special ability cards, perks, and actions.

Send Emissaries To Different Locations

Send your emissaries to the various locations scattered throughout the kingdom to help garnish political influence, gain better equipment, increase their bravery and morale, and much, much, more to make your household of knights the most competent and beloved in all the kingdom!


Secretly choose your jousting order of your three knights to face off against your opponent's knights. Roll your dice and count up your hits and reputation gained. Hits demoralize your opponent and reputation earns you perks through the different political tracks. There are no bad rolls!