Knights of the kingdom belong to different Codes. As a leader of a Household you may chose any three Knight of the kingdom to joust for you at the King's Tournament.

lady Isabela_1-01.png

Lady Isabla

Lady Isabela hails from the central region of Springwell. She was trained by her oldest sister Lady Abby. Her favorite weapon is the Battle Axe her father gave her before he dies in the battle of Sagefield. Lady Isabela belongs to the Code of Conviction and is deeply religious. It is said that when she slays a fellow combatant that she will pray for their soul. 

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Sir Davenport

Sir Davenport is from the Northern part of the kingdom and enjoys his home in Snowguard. His family has a long history or hunting Yetis and selling the pelts for traders and craftsmen alike. Sir Davenport holds turn the eternal flame of his family and vows to never let it die out. He has chosen the path of Conviction and will smite the evil of the world for his names sake.


Sir Eskue

Sir Eskue is a Grand Champion and holds two coronet titles on the jousting circuit. Recently he has taken up the hobby of raising varmints and giving them away as gifts. He is a very peaceful man and has never fought in battle only tournament. He spends most of his days practicing the art of jousting. he has joined the Code of Discipline and this has made its way into every corner of his life. Discipline is everything! 

Lady Sabila

Sir Boris

Lady Dahila


Sir Kohatsu

Sir Kohatsu made his way to Europe in 1400 and was Knighted by King Axenbroke himself during the battle of Blue Flame. His heroic deeds saved many soldiers and he has a few Men-at-arms who have sworn to follow him to the death. He wields his family Katana on the field and it is reported that the metal was folded of 1200 times. Kohatsu belongs to the Code of Dscipline and has a very regimented life style leading his small band of Men-at-Arms.

Sir Thornar

Lady Cotell

Sir Grievance