2016 And Beyond

2016 has been an exciting year for all of us at Talon Strikes. Our first successful Kickstarter campaign, House of Borgia, was earlier in the year, and it is on the ship and headed stateside and should be delivered before the end of the year!

House of Borgia Unboxing!
House of Borgia Unboxing Video
We have also signed a new card game, Oracle, based on a trilogy of books called the Solas Beir Trilogy authored by Melissa Eskue Ousley. If you haven't read these books yet, check them out! I loved my time spent in Melissa's visionary world, and we are excited to have the privilege to play in her world and bring her visions to the board game hobby.

Oracle is designed by her brother, Michael Eskue (Darkrock Ventures, Council of Verona). This will be on Kickstarter next year (2017).

Kings Champion

But wait! There is more! We've also been hard at work getting King's Champion ready for Kickstarter! King's Champion is a two player tableau dice builder with worker placement and deck building.
This will be our first Kickstarter of 2017 slated for February 13th!

BGGCon 2016

Around the corner is BGGCon. We unfortunately won't have a booth there, but we will be hanging out the whole weekend demoing King's Champion, playing games, and showing off our pre production copy of House of Borgia! If you are a backer and want to see and play House of Borgia before you get your own copy or want to demo King's Champion, the easiest way to contact us will be via Twitter (@ja_hancock and @TalonStrikes) all weekend long (or anytime for that matter).