Jason Washburn is a professional independent game publisher looking to bring games to your tabletop.


Why Games?

Like most folks in this generation I began playing games at a very young age, both table top and video games alike. Something that really stood out to me through all my gaming weather it was online or at a table is how folks come together to form a community. I was always interested in meeting new folks and bring them into my world of gaming.

From 1999 to 2010 I did A LOT of online gaming and met and played with hundreds of people. I had the privilege of leading a large guild of like minded gaming folks. This was a new thing and was very special. It really showed me that a group of folks willing to put the time and energy into something they loved and cared about could effect positive change in each others lives.

All the while I was also playing table top games. Dating back to my childhood years. These to activities became the catalyst for me and in 2011 I decided that I would see about personally bring folks into the thematic world of games. I had formed a company a few years earlier and named it Talon Strikes Studios after my love of Everquest and a character Sani Talonstrikes. I was doing primarily youth theater in the Phoenix area with this my company.

I was very blessed to find some great friends Michael Coe and Nathan Hatfield that helped me to navigate my way into the world of table top publishing. Once I stepped into this world I knew I would be able to share my creativity with the world though immersive games. On my journey I have become friends with some of the most extraordinary folks in the creative world. I am so thankful for my journey and where TTS is headed.

Talon Strikes is very special like all small companies, you put your heart and soul into them. I signed a game a few years ago which at the time I saw potential in this game to really make a big splash in the table top world. Over the last 15 months Talon Strikes has taken some new strides and some doors are beginning to open up for us. Vinyl will hit in 2019 and I believe that it will move the company in very positive ways. Eric has forever changed what Talon Strikes will be. Not to mention all the wealth of gaming knowledge and business acumen that he brings to the table. I can never thank properly all the folks that have placed their trust, honor, respect and love into me and this small company, but sharing my love of games and the human experience through games has forever changed who I am. I humbly say thank you, Thank you so very much.