Drawing From Your own Pool of Abilities

Well, I had a busy weekend over the last few days here. I got the first draft of my rule book done in InDesign for print. Now for some my rule book has been something of an endeavor. I would always get the same thing. Love the game hate your rule book! So with limited resources and not wanting to write the rule over yet again only to be told the exact same thing. I when in search of a editor or writer to help me get the rule book fixed and squared away.

No this is no easy task I will tell you. I placed adds on websites and really connected with writers on ODesk. No one really has much experience writing rules for a game let alone edit them. So how do all these companies do it? If you are a big company they turn to the folks they have on staff. They use the editors that they are already paying to do the job. So on any given day they could be working on body copy for the website or looking at a print publication or editing rules. Well that is all well and good for a big company but that does not help me get it done, and while looking for someone to assist me really started out not to turn up much I finally made a post on BGG to see if there was someone there who could help me get my rule book straightened out.

Well turns out I was in luck and I found a wonderful editor, as a side job they agreed to go over my rules and fix what was explained to me as "Holy cow you expect someone to play this game based off of this?". Well I am a law enforcement officer not a rule writer, this is what I tell myself when someone bangs on my rule writing ability. After a few weeks and an agreed upon payment for the services I got back a top notch version of my rule book. I tell you it was laid out wonderfully for me. So the next step is to get those rules into some graphic form and fast so I can finish up my final art and get my review copies printed.

So I am a digital artist and while I do not do magazine layouts I am quite adept with design and have been for many years in the design and theater world. So I dusted off InDesign and began to get to work. Really digging into what I wanted to do and how I wanted to portray the layout and design of the rule book. In my last version I had a unique table of contents and I wanted to do something like this again only I really wanted to make a statement with it. not only did I want it functional I wanted it to be visually stunning and helpful at the same time.

Table of Contents

So this is the look I designed for my manual. I am extremely happy with it. I think that folks will open the manual and see not only a functional working table of contents they will see it presented in a very beautiful and graphic way. This is something that will catch there eye and set it apart from what others do. So by deciding that I would just do it myself like most everything turned out to be a very good thing for this part of the project. Working with a professional editor is a godsend for someone like me. I am super creative, visually driven and can see things in my mind very easily. however in written format when it comes to explaining something I am not so good.

So in the end looking no further than my own living room for the layout and the art was the right choice and I am glad that I set out to get this done this weekend. I now have the rulebook for hooch that I have always wanted not to mention I think it is very well written. And that is What Matters Most today! Thank you Tank Hughes!