Ever Evolving Art

Well after careful consideration I found that less is more when it comes to our game cards for Hooch and therefore Mike and i decided to revamp the art a bit to make it a bit more elegant and increase the feel of the 1920s. I think we have got it now.

So this we are beginning to pick up the pace a bit with the game and while we continue to play it as often as possible, we have locked down the layout for the Kickstarter which I have begun to build and will continue to work on over the next few months. i hope that we can get this thing up and running in a short time.

So to show you the new art...

Final Art "Working Girl"

So this is the reboot of the character card both Public and Syndicate. These are the cards that make up your Payroll and they provide a wide variety of Missions for you to complete and they provide abilities to you as you add them to your Payroll.

We also trimmed down the look of the Syndicate deck cards as well as the Crew Cards. The same information is still there but we changed the basic layout of the card to better aline it to the other changes. This gives an overall better feel to the game and makes it more cohesive as a total package.

Final Art "Crew Card"

more art to come in the following days just to get it up on the site for others to look at. I think the final art is quite nice and I am very pleased with the way the art has progress over the two years I have been working on this game.