Rules of the Game

I cannot tell you how happy it makes me to see progression for this game. Many things have been in the works for a few months and it is now starting to find its way to the final stages. I cannot express in words the amount of work that others have placed into this. Some of them have been paid yes, this is a business but several folks have just given their thoughts and sometimes that is enough.

It has been a busy week. My rules got the overhaul that they needed. While I am a creative person and can conjuror up wonderful and creative ideas, I am not a writer. I am pretty much all visual and have been for most of my life. That being said I made a few attempts to write out the rules to my game. This was mostly a train wreck but as I continued to painfully move forward I made progress and managed to get a rule set that while redundant in many places did have all the information needed to play the game. I finally found an editor that was willing to tackle this huge job. The price quoted was very reasonable and I was able to pay above the quoted price which made me feel good about the amount of work they performed. So the rule book is now professional. I need to take the text and use InDesign and redo the entire layout which will be my second time doing so, but it is well worth the effort.

Along the same lines as the rule book, I also hired a writer to write short stories based in the Hooch world. It was a fun process to find a writer that was willing to do the work and he is doing a great job with it. I am so excited for where the IP of this game is headed currently and it opens so many possibilities for the future if things can just hold out and keep going in the right direction.

It is a tough place to be as a creator and artist. I think the game is in a great and wonderfully playable place. I now have other things to compliment the game in ways that I would not have thought possible a year ago. And after two years of my life invested in the design and play of the game it is nice to be getting all the art assets completed as well. So as I wrap up the final cards and the tuck boxes and the odds and ends I am excited to get my next prototype printed as this will be the version I will send out to reviewers to play and bloggers to try out. I have also completed the work on how the Kickstarter campaign will run and the best way to sell the game to our backers so that they get the best choices and they have a choice in what they walk away with when the back the printing of the game.

So What Matters Most? Today that would be the ability to continue to move forward and push for the best possible game and product. Thank you to those that have had a hand in helping Talon Strikes Studios create a great card game based on gangster and the prohibition!

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