Gearing Up, Review Copies Are Out!

So, After a ton of work and many hours of ensuring I got all the bases covered the 15 Review copies will be all out and on the way by tomorrow. It took a bit longer then expected to get these out but it was worth it. I have only had one person play it so far and while it took a bit for them to get through it, I was advised that they had a good time. So that is a small amount of feedback and I am hoping for more in the next few weeks. I am looking to run the Kickstarter event in September and everything is coming together for that now. This is a huge under taking as most of the work is on my to complete or get done. I have ad plenty of help from Mike and a few folks which you should be able to read about here in the next few days as I want to post up a bio page for each of them. 

So moving forward I am currently building out the Kickstarter page and working on all the art for that. I am really attempting to have it streamlined and well laid out. This should help the process of absorbing what the page has to offer and the look of the game should be well established as well. I have plenty of things planned during the run and really want the campaign to be an event everyone really enjoys. I want to engage the backers the whole way and continue to give them information on the game and help to grow the information that is out about the game and available to read for the backers. 

The rule book really came together well and it does have a few mistakes to be corrected, this is mostly minor.I am very happy with where the game is and how that progressed over the last few months. I also am very set on just about 90% of the art for the game and i am striving to ensure different art all the time on my media feeds so that no one has to see the same thing twice.

My video is complete and already added to the site. it is very different from other videos out there and I think a great change of pace. I do hope that others find the theme and game play to be good and enjoyable. I have been working with this game for 2 years or so and really want it to fund and move on to my next game.

As a super small company and design house it is ruff. Putting all of your own money in up front to ensure that the I am doing everything I can to get the game out there to the masses. While it is a tough road I am extremely thankful for all the help that has been given me and all the hours my family has endured with HOOCH! Back to work!