The Push to Go Live

Well for the last week it has been a steady push to get the Kickstarter up and rolling. This is not my first attempt with a Kickstarter event but it is my first time in charge of the Kickstarter page. So have to do all the art and write the page has proven to be very tough. In the mean time I have done my best to keep up with my school work and my family, who I might add is totally awesome for all their support. it is certainly tough to try and balance your life around a Kickstarter campaign.

I am sure for folks who have the first one under their belt and are working on the second or third campaign it is not near as difficult to manage and also to get everything just right. I have to say though i have contacted so many folks in an attempt to get everything just right for the campaign from the quotes from manufactures to advertisement people and even asking folks for help.

I would like to say that with out several folks that offered help and support and encouragement I would not be where i am with this project. And this is not just to those that are in my day to day life. This is extended to those import folks in the board game world who have extended me the courtesy and have gone out of their way to help me. So thank you so these folks, for without your assistance I would still be at square one. 

Looking back on the path that has brought me here it is interesting. the design of the game you would think is the hardest part but I think that it is not even close to what it takes to build a fan base of folks who are truly interested in what it is that you are doing.

Now it is the waiting game for sure. I am confident that the project will fund, but I know I am going to feel that stress until it does. I hope that I have done enough to make this dream come true for hooch and for Talon Strikes Studios.