Hand Management in Hooch

Good Morning Everyone,

Today I wanted to talk about the Creative Card Management mechanic we created in Hooch. This mechanic causes you to make some rather difficult decisions during game play. The first thing the active player does is discards down to five cards on their turn. They play their turn, buying store fronts, payroll characters and attacking other player, and the last thing they do is draw three cards from their draw deck.

So what were we thinking by doing this? Hooch is played with 3-6 players and we wanted to make sure during your off turn that you could have enough cards to defend your territory. We also wanted to have the players make some critical decisions on what cards to hold and throw away when they are not the active player. The active player is trying to use as many cards as they can to reduce the number of cards they might have to discard their next turn. What we ended up creating is a way to keep all the players active in the game even when it is not your turn. 

This is not something that many games do and we thought it would be very unique and engaging for all players. This also works to your advantage as other players flip the action cards and Co-Op things occur.  

You have to manage your cards in your hand just like your payroll. We also limited the number of cards that could be held by a player so they can’t just drop a bunch of strong cards all at once. On more then one occasion while playing  I made some bad calls and discarded the wrong cards when I needed them the most. To me it makes the game feel more realist. The theme really comes through in the play style and the choices, you might whack out the wring character or not have the power to defend your turf. The hand management aspect really plays into the theme and makes the game that much better.