Doing Something Different

Well the games are out and I am excited and nervous to hear from folks. I am sure there will be positives and negatives throughout the process, though at this point I am all in with the amount of money I have put into getting ready to launch my campaign and the work that goes into designing and bringing a game to market. I have had some good feedback and folks have been very open with me about their experience so far. This is great for me. If there are ways to improve then I want to do that. I want to give folks a great experience all the way around.

So now that I am in the holding pattern waiting for all the feedback to hit me, I am working on the campaign at full speed ahead. For many months now I have been working and planning for the next few weeks. This is where all my hard work and dedication will pay off and the game that has consumed more than 2 years of my life and thousands of dollars will come to exist in the world of games. So as the final touches are added to the site and the campaign this brings me to my topic today.

There are many Tabletop Kickstarter events that occur each year and many of them have unique things with the Kickstarter or the game. Well of course there are some wonderful things about Hooch that make it different as a game. But I have a few things planned for my campaign that are different and one sting of events planned that I have never seen done before. That is not to say that no one has done it before, I have just never seen anyone do it.

I have lots of updates planned that are themed and are part of the bigger picture; however, I am going to run Hooch Live Missions. This is something new and different. These are missions I have put together that the backer can be a part of. As a backer you will get to participate in the story that is unfolding during the campaign. The Missions are a story that takes place in real time. You will complete the mission and report back to your contacts and relay information about what you observed and how you did it. The information will be recorded and then the backer will be rewarded for this on an individual basis. So you can complete the Missions and turn in the information and get a digital reward that you will be able to print out and use when you play the game. In some cases the reward may be personalized so it has your name on it.

This is something that is normally saved so super high backer levels. So anyone that is backing the game can do this and earn the rewards for it. I am not sure if it will be accepted or not, but I still think it will be fun to participate in it and the other updates revolve around these Missions as well and everything is tied together. I want to create an experience during my campaign. I want to have things for the backer to do and be a part of all throughout the campaign. To me this is important. I have been a part of many campaigns and some of them just toss out a few updates but never really tell you anymore about the product or the world it belongs in. I did not want to fall victim to that, nor do I want any backer of my game to feel bored. I also want to increase the knowledge about the Hooch world and what is going on in temperance town. To me it is very important to engage with the folks that fund the project.

It will be a ton of work but so what I am not afraid of hard work or a lot of work. I think it is a fun and cool idea that will prove to be a good choice in the end. It has taken a fair amount of money and time to get these missions up and running. I hope that everyone has a great time running them. I think it will add to the coolness of the campaign and will help to separate my KSer from other campaigns. Here is a peak at Mission 1. Enjoy! Until next time this is what matters most to me today!

Mission 1 Preview