Vinyl: Totally Awesome 80's 2e

Vinyl: Totally Awesome 80’s Edition

DESIGNER: Eric Alvarado
ARTISTS: James Churchill, Tristam Rossin, Jon Merchant, Jason Washburn
PLAYING TIME: 60-75 minutes

Totally Awesome 80’s stand-alone editions add new mechanics to the base Vinyl experience. The Trade Action is available at the Front Counter. The player may now trade unwanted or low-value records to gain attributes that can be used to obtain a higher-valued album.

Collection rewards have been adjusted to a maximum of 4, offering a more challenging gameplay. The lower end now includes 2 albums in a small collection, increasing the opportunities for players to retire records during the game and keeping the game engaging and dynamic.

In addition, the Extended Play format and the Long Play format have been added as attributes, and these albums can provide a bonus to your collections for end-game scoring. 



78 Album Cards
66 Magazine Cards
4 Salesperson Dividers
1 Store Closing Divider
10 Meeples
Starting Player Token
Game Board
27 Collection Reward Tokens
25 Loyalty Cards
15 Quality Tokens
5 Player Boards
Album Crate

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