Vinyl 2e


DESIGNER: Eric Alvarado
ARTISTS: James Churchill, Tristam Rossin, Jon Merchant
PLAYING TIME: 60-75 minutes

One weekend, you find yourself cleaning the family attic. While cleaning, you stumble upon an old turntable and a small collection of vinyl records. You blow the dust off and bring the find downstairs to the den. After setting it up, you place the needle on an album you vaguely remember hearing when you were young. As the album spins under the needle, you sit back and look at the cover and insert. Warm sounds fill the room as you are instantly transported to another world. You listen to the beautiful notes playing while following along with the lyrics. After the needle reaches the center, you shoot out of your chair and hop on the computer — you want more! You locate the nearest record store — Record Town. You hop in the car, not knowing what to expect. After arriving and parking the car, you pull back on the door into a musical paradise. Welcome to Vinyl!

Vinyl is a game where players are aspiring vinyl collectors. They have some knowledge of what they would like to collect but immediately get immersed in the experience. Players will acquire morsels of information after visiting the “Mag Rack.” That information will lead them to the bins where they select albums to add and expand their collection. Unfortunately, the inventory is limited, and other customers may target the same vinyl gems. After the final round, players will tally their collection’s value and determine who the Elite Collector of Vinyl is!



72 Album Cards
64 Magazine Cards
4 Salesperson Dividers
1 Store Closing Divider
10 Meeples
Starting Player Token
Game Board
27 Easy Listening Collection Reward Tokens
27 Core Collection Reward Tokens
27 Loyalty Cards
5 Player Boards
Album Crate

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